Karen Simmons

The Books/CDs of Karen Simmons

Little Rainman: Autism Through The Eyes Of A Child

A poignant story of autism told through the eyes of a child with autism—Karen Simmons’ young son, Jonathan.  This book of pictures serves as an illustration of what autism really is like for someone living with it.  The pictures reveal a true portrait of how an autistic child thinks visually and perceives his world.

Artism: Art By Those With Autism

It is designed not only to inspire those who are on the autism spectrum, but all of its readers to share our uncommon experiences and our unique gifts with the world.  It is a model designed to shed new light onto the all-too often misunderstood world of autism.  In this first-of-its-kind art collection, we present the mind’s eve view of individuals with autism from around the world, from ages 4 to 53. Their colorful, brilliant, often lonely worlds come to life in diverse portraits; elegant line drawings, muted watercolors, vibrant temperas, and confident acrylics.

The Autism Experience: Stories Of Hope And Love

This award-winning anthology is a compilation of stories, articles, and poems with universal appeal, containing messages of hope and love, from parents and siblings of autistic children, professionals who treat and counsel the autistic, and those afflicted with autism. Sharing these inspirational stories offers a positive base of compassion and understanding.

Autism From The Soul:

A CD to help people discover the uniqueness and joy of having a person with autism in their lives with amazing true life stories from both a mother’s perspective as well as an adult with autism. Also helps people understand some of the signs, symptoms and challenges those with autism have

Surrounded By Miracles

This is the story of a woman who overcame great odds of survival. It’s a story told by the loved ones of Karen Summons, retelling her near-death experience in an emotional and uplifting manner. Following the birth of her sixth child, Simmons almost died, and was given less than a one percent chance to live. She was even given her last rites. The hospital staff referred to her at the “Miracle Lady.”

Peace of Mind For Autism (CD)

A series of positive affirmations is provided for parents, teachers and professionals caring for those with autism, as well as for autistic people. It raises self-esteem and provides peace and tranquility in trying situations. It also includes a 22-minute relaxing meditation.

The Official Autism 101 Manual)

Award winning simplistic, yet comprehensive summary of what 44 top experts in the field explain autism and what to do about it so the novice can understand and respond. It’s a great beginning tool for parents, professionals, educators, community members and those with ASD.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs

A virtual alphabet soup of physical and mental disabilities is prevalent in today’s world. From ADHD to visual impairments, from autism to paralysis, 20 percent of the U.S. population has some form of special need. Multiply that number by the families, friends, teachers, caregivers, and others whose daily lives are intertwined with theirs and it becomes obvious that most of us are in some way touched by someone with a mental or physical disability. “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Children with Special Needs: Stories of Love and Understanding for Those Who Care for Children with Disabilities are truly remarkable, inspiring stories of support, understanding and triumph that tug at the heartstrings of anyone who reads them. This powerful testament to the love and strength of families, the dedication and promise of teachers and caregivers, offer tremendous resiliency and hope for all. Excellent as a gift book or parenting and teachers support resource. Truly these stories are candid and personal and as unique and special as the children they celebrate