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Testimonials for Karen Simmons

[wedding_title sub_title=”Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator, ” title=”#1 New York Times best-selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series”]

Little Rainman shows that autism can be seen and understood by everyone.  After reading this book full of miraculous pictures, I feel greater love, compassion and understanding of a situation that somehow touches us all sooner or later.”


[wedding_title sub_title=”Robert G. Allen” title=”Author of Multiple Streams of Income and Nothing Down, Co-Author of The One Minute Millionaire “]

“Autism demonstrates the genius in every human soul.  This book is an absolutely genius idea!”


[wedding_title color_title=”white” sub_title=”Temple Grandin” title=”Autistic Adult, Presenter, and Author of Thinking In Pictures”]

These pictures are some of the best illustrations of what autism is.  They give the reader a really good picture of how a child with autism thinks.  They think with pictures in their head.  I use them in my presentation and lectures to demonstrate visual thinking process.”


[wedding_title color_title=”white” sub_title=”Kathy Fitzpatrick” title=”Writer for Woman’s World Magazine”]

Thank you for allowing us to share your stories with our readers.  It was one of the most touching and unforgettable I have ever worked on.”


[wedding_title sub_title=”Gerald Jampolsky ” title=”MD, Author of the best-selling selling Love Is Letting Go Of Fear”]

“There are no words to express my appreciation for your creativity.  I just know it is going to help many, many people.  I spent two years as a fellow in child psychiatry seeing only autistic children so you can see I have great compassion for the challengers in your life…..and how out of those challenges you are helping others.”


[wedding_title sub_title=”R. Wayne Gilpin” title=”President Future Horizons, Inc.”]

Little Rainman gives a more simplistic, yet comprehensive explanation of this strange disorder than any other book we have seen.  Written through the eyes of her child, Karen gives the reader a unique view of autism that explains the challenge in a very ‘user friendy’ manner.”


[wedding_title color_title=”white” sub_title=”Claude “Hoot“ Hooten, ” title=”News/Talk 1240 KSMA, Clear Channel Central Coast, Santa Maria, CA”]

“Our interview with Karen was intense, inspiring and educational all at the same time.  For those wanting to learn what autism is all about from the mother of an autistic child, you should book Karen Simmons.” 


[wedding_title color_title=”white” sub_title=”Shawn Michaels” title=”Ocean County, Breakfast Show 92.7 WOBM-FM, Toms River, NJ”]

“Karen Simmons was a fantastic guest with so much information for families dealing with Autism. Karen is a great guest and her website is a fantastic tool for Autism Awareness and Resources!”


[wedding_title sub_title=”John Maer” title=”Metro Networks News, Indianapolis.”]

Talking with Karen Simmons was a joy. She is a fountain of information and inspiration as she knows the special needs of our very special children. Karen Simmons of AUTISM TODAY has the answers to the questions we need.


[wedding_title sub_title=”Powers, News Radio 600 WREC” title=”Tonya J.”]

Karen is a great interview and a tireless advocate for families dealing with autism! She    is an inspiration for parents everywhere who have shown that great ideas and big things are often born out of our frustration. If you’re looking for Autism information, go to her website. If you’re looking for a great show segment or article, book her NOW!


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